About Us

Cold Energy Automation Pty Ltd commenced operations as a locally owned electrical controls and automation company in 2011. Situated in Cairns, North Queensland the company was founded and is operated by its two working directors Anthony Binello and Ryan Malsem.

Cold Energy Automation was founded to fill a need in the skill shortage area of electrical and mechanical services controls. The diverse skill set of the Company’s two directors combined with a flexible small business allows Cold Energy Automation to remain unique and fill a market niche.

The Cold Energy Automation operating principals are simple:

  • Operating with High Levels of Technical Skill.
  • Flexibility to adapt to our customers’ needs and requirements.
  • Simple hard work and commitment.
  • Taking responsibility of the projects we complete.

No task or project is ever considered too difficult, professionalism, efficiency and flexibility allow Cold Energy Automation to achieve results in high pressure and technically challenging projects.

Cold Energy Automation